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Hands Up


We are a volunteer-led organization that seeks to fight inequality by bringing the facts to light and empowering people to speak out and stand up for equality.

Our Mission.  

“To empower people to help transform our culture and institutions in support of equality for all, through education, awareness and activism.”


All means all.

The Equality Coalition believes all humans are created equal. This is the basis of our support for the affected by discrimination, prejudice and injustice. Below are some of the big issues that we are up against:

Racial Inequality

Gender Inequality

LGBTQ+ Inequality

A person's worth can not be measured by the color of their skin. Every human life is valuable, and our culture needs to recognize the injustice faced by people of color in order for change to occur.

The idea that there is a superior gender is a construct of the past. It's time to bring to light the value that women bring to every facet of our culture and break down the barriers that they face.

Equality should not stop at the door of sexual or gender identity. Civil rights are human rights and are not dependent on sexual orientation or gender identity

Street Protest

Take Action.

Silence is Not an Option.

Help us be sure our voices are heard.

Economic Inequality

Society does not provide all humans equal access to quality education and opportunity. As a result, the U.S. has the highest level of income inequality among its (post-)industrialized peers. With disenfranchised groups most at risk, we believein thinking progressively about how to create a more equitable society for all.



Access to quality care in in the U.S. and many other developed countries is dependent on economic capital, which means that groups who are already disadvantaged economically and socially may have to forego coverage and/or risk high medical debt.

More Issues
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