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The Reckoning: #TheCoalitionSpeaks, Issue 2

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

The excerpt below was contributed by Amy C.

We're in a reckoning right now. Truly, paths are intersecting in ways we can no longer avoid or ignore. In order to be safe and have peace, everyone needs access to these resources that allow us to be healthy, active, creative, and heard.

To be a human in this country, in this world, we have to be decent. We'll make mistakes, we'll get it wrong, but we have to try. I encourage everyone to start small. Reading, watching, listening to things we may not understand to increase our compassion. That will inspire us to take the next steps into humanity.

I refuse to be scared into being small for the rest of my life. I refuse to allow patriarchal, white supremest systems dictate how we live, grow, and treat other people. My hope for the remainder of 2020 is that this reckoning doesn't keep us in fear, but pushes us to grow and unite for a better world.

The Equality Coalition Blog | The Coalition Speaks: A Series on Inequality

#TheCoalitionSpeaks is an initiative that gives a voice for people to talk about how they process, experience, or deal with various forms of #inequality. These stories are the subjective experiences of our supporters and expose a variety of emotions that accompany the experiences surrounding issues of inequality.

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