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Law & Order: #TheCoalitionSpeaks, Issue 4

It’s about understanding how words and the system work, right? Trump supporters, police departments, racists, and the silent (ignorant) always say “follow the law and nothing will happen to you.” The law was never built, created, or properly amended with the dictionary definition of justice in mind. Justice is synonymous with fairness. Google it... you’ll see. So when African Americans are given harsher sentences, get zero reparations, are racially profiled, constantly harassed, used as the face of criminality, and the people who are not black do not get nearly equal punishment for hurting us as we receive for hurting virtually anybody or anything - how do you call it fair? 

Liberty and Justice (for Some)

In America, justice is synonymous with law, not fairness. Call it what it is instead of what you were taught, especially if you were taught to not see color. If you can look at me, and not see my pain, sense of hopelessness, and desperation to act unbothered, then you don’t see me. You are not a friend if you cannot see my hurt. If you do not know what happened to me as a senior in high school, being targeted by a coon-managed educational system that could not WAIT to be labeled heroic for wrongfully apprehending the “potentially violent black boy”, then you do not know me.

"The law was never built, created, or properly amended with the dictionary definition of justice in mind."

If you think a white kid opening up to their principal about being depressed but, confirmed not a threat, ends with them being arrested in front of his peers for fear of “endangering the school”, you are socially blind. If you are unfamiliar with my hate for a system that no longer even disguises itself as fair but, rather calls itself “tough” on criminals, while in the same breath pardoning whites for things like murder, rape, stealing, human trafficking, discrimination, treason, and countless other indecent, inhumane crimes... then we were never even associates.

"In America, justice is synonymous with law, not fairness."

Your silent black friend who believes in this country’s system is not your black friend. They are your friend. They also do not see color, including their own. Let us draw the line in the sand now. Cut the rope holding the bridge between the systemically oppressed, and the systemic oppressors. Understand that you are either one or the other... in between does not exist here because it has no voice. Actions are heard. Inaction is complicit. Do you comply with the law or actual justice?

The above excerpt was contributed by Wave H.

#TheCoalitionSpeaks: A Series on Inequality

This series aims to shed light on the experiences of those who carry the burden of injustice on their backs every day. The world is not fair for anyone, but it is even more unnecessarily painful for people of color. When our culture does not validate these experiences, when we do not question a system that proves time and time again unfair, and when we don't hold systems and people accountable, we are accepting the injustice.

Do you accept it? Or will you speak out and demand change?

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