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Coping Ahead: 2020 Presidential Election

If Donald J. Trump wins the 2020 Presidential Election, for many of us on November 4th that will mean scented candles, bubbles baths, essential oils or extra therapy appointments -- whatever we can do to brace ourselves for the next four years. 

If we see a Joe Biden and Kamala Harris victory, it will be a celebration followed by a reckoning.

Holding Out Hope for JUSTICE

Not only will we expect the new President to make swift administrative and personnel changes, but we will demand better protections for Native and African Americans. The most important move we’ll be looking for is their promise to hold law enforcement accountable for breaking the law. The biggest piece of accountability for Democrats is ending qualified immunity. Because the "Justice" Act didn’t. All but three House Democrats refused to sign, even though the bill was otherwise progressive. If the Biden-Harris ticket wins, and we want that win to be effective for social justice, we must demand follow-through on this important initiative.

Setting Expectations for Change

To me, a reasonable deadline is 60 Days for a new bill ending qualified immunity to be drafted and passed through the House and the Senate. But we should expect attempts to be met with resistance from the Police Unions. So if congress cannot make that happen, it is up to us, the citizens of the United States to protest and make our demands heard. We need to keep pressure on our elected officials if we expect change to continue, or else it could all come undone. 

November 4th: Coping Ahead

Four years ago, some of us were caught a bit off guard the morning after the Presidential election. We curled up in our beds, called in sick to work, and struggled to find next steps while 45 wrote executive orders. Let’s cope ahead on this one, do our research, and prepare for a mental and emotional battle either way.

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